2020 CRUZ It Forward Winner

And the winner is...

This annual contest is a highlight of the summer for Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby and something that we eagerly look forward to each August.
Thank you to the hundreds of you who submitted an entry, you are truly generous to take the time to enter for your friend, family member or colleague. The stories were very emotional to read but heartwarming to know how amazing our community is!

After reading every meaningful entry, our top 5 submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges including both Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby team members. We are extremely touched and humbled to have everyone’s story shared with us. The community of supportive family members is astounding!

This is why we have selected Sarah as our 2020 CRUZ it Forward Winner. Below you will find the story of Sarah who was nominated by her husband, Justin.

Here’s the entry submitted by her husband Justin:
I would like to nominate my wife Sarah. The day we found out she was pregnant with our second child was the same day her mom was diagnosed (for the second time) with breast cancer. Excitement was quickly replaced with fear and worry. Through the tears, stress and anxiety, I watched her continue to be the great mom that she is to our little girl and continue to grow our second little one. Just as we were all getting through her mom's battle, we were hit with the news that her dad, mere months later, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. To be pregnant and have not one, but both of your parents battling cancer at the same time, is absolutely devastating. Then the pandemic hit, and she was faced with the additional stress of losing her job and giving birth while there was an outbreak at the hospital (I was not allowed to stay with her past the birth). Somehow, through all of this, she did it. In April, she gave birth to our healthy baby boy. She has been talking about needing a lightweight but sturdy stroller and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time - she is so deserving of this. I know she would be beyond thrilled to receive a brand-new Cruz! Thanks for your consideration.

Congratulations on your new stroller, Sarah - we know you will love it!
We would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry into our CRUZ it Forward 2020 contest and to UPPAbaby for helping us to make this possible.

On se voit en 2020 !

C'est cette période de l'année, mes amis !

Tiré de Du 10 au 23 août 2019 Proposez la candidature d'un ami ou d'un proche pour notre campagne annuelle CRUZ it Forward. Votre contribution pourrait leur faire gagner un UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 dans HAZEL.

Ce prix annuel est très important pour nous, car nous recevons des milliers de candidatures qui nous font chaud au cœur ! Nous sommes toujours extrêmement touchés et humbles de lire chacune des histoires que nous partageons avec vous.

Car quoi de mieux que de gagner un UPPAbaby CRUZ ? DONNER UN !


Le règlement complet de CRUZ It Forward peut être trouvé ici.

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