Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Product Review

What's New With the City Tour 2?

Whoever said that bigger is better has obviously never taken the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 for a test drive.
This ultra-compact stroller from Baby Jogger has been re-designed to take on all life's adventures from afternoon playdates in the city to your annual family trip to a hot destination. One thing is for sure, we think you are going to love the versatility and compact size—though it may be small, it sure is mighty [just like your stubborn 2-year-old!]

If you are living in the city and require something compact but still expect the same great features that you would find in a full-size stroller than the City Tour 2 may be the perfect choice for your family

Today we are sharing some of the features that we just love about this compact stroller.

Small but mighty

The City Tour 2 is a teeny-tiny-great-for-travel-airplane-certified-one-handed-fold-ultra-compact kind of stroller. It weighs just 14 lbs so you can essentially store it anywhere without stress.

Broom closet at your condo.

Folded Height 6.8 in
Folded Length 21.6 in
Folded Width 16.9 in

However, don’t let the compact nature of this stroller fool you as the City Tour 2 is small but mighty and can accommodate a child up to 45 lbs.

One-handed fold

The one-handed fold on the City Tour 2 is a huge feature on this stroller. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Grab on to the grey button on the handle
2. Fold the handlebar forward
3. Grab the “belt” in the seat [it will be labeled]
4. Pull up and VOILA!

You can hold a baby and diaper bag in one-hand and you'll still be able to fold this one up without having to ask a stranger for assistance juggling it all in the mall parking lot [we’ve all been there.]

Now, we don’t like to play favourites so let’s talk about all the convenient features that this little stroller has to offer not just the convenient fold.

Fully featured + the 5 that we love

It doesn't stop at the one-handed fold—the City Tour 2 has features for days!

1. Infant car seat connection
2. UV 50 canopy with Velcro peek-a-boo window
3. Near-flat recline
4. Calf support
5. Included travel bag

We love that the City Tour 2 has been re-designed with an infant car seat connection which allows you to stroll from birth by using the click-and-go travel system.

If you already own a full-size Baby Jogger City Select or City Select LUX stroller than you may opt to purchase the City Tour 2 to take with you on vacation or your next family trip to Grandma’s house—it even comes with a convenient travel bag.

Go ahead and customize 

You really can have it all with the Baby Jogger City Tour 2.
We love that you can customize even the tiniest of strollers, like this one, with accessories - don’t forget the cup holder and belly bar at check-out.

Compatible Accessories

Baby Jogger


Belly Bar - City Tour

Baby Jogger



Baby Jogger


Baby Jogger


Who needs a City Tour 2?

We love the idea of keeping your City Tour 2 in your trunk as a permanent fixture but using it as your one and only stroller all depends on your lifestyle.

Let’s discuss compact vs. full-size stroller options...


The City Tour 2 takes up minimal trunk space
The City Tour 2 is great if you are often riding transit
The City Tour 2 is cost-effective
The City Tour 2 is versatile


One of the benefits of a full-size stroller is the bells and whistles and [generally speaking] the ability to convert into a double stroller. With City Tour 2 you are limited to using it with one child –but not to worry, there is a Baby Jogger stroller for you if full-size makes more sense.

If this is you, the only question left to ask yourself is City Select or City Select LUX!

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