Britax One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat Review

Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

The Britax One4Life car seat just landed in Canada and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The One4Life grows with your child so that you only need one car seat for life [see what they did there?] There are a number of “all-in-one” car seats available, but the hard part is finding a car seat that will give your child a safe & proper fit when used in all stages.

Let’s go through the stages of use one at a time, to really break down HOW & WHEN this seat will be used.

Infant boy sitting rear-facing in the Britax One4Life Car Seat

Stage 1: Rear-Facing

The Britax One4Life starts rear-facing and can be used from birth [5 lbs] until 50 lbs or 49” – whichever comes first. The standard rear-facing weight limits on convertible car seats these days ranges from 40-50 lbs*, so we’re excited to see that the One4Life is maxing it out! Just like the Britax convertible seats on the market, the One4Life comes with an anti-rebound bar that decreases forward rotation and aids in stabilizing the car seat in case of a collision.

NOTE: the anti-rebound bar must always be used when installed rear-facing 
Britax One4Life Forward-Facing Car Seat Product Review

Stage 2: Forward-Facing

The One4Life can be used forward facing with the 5-point harness once your child reaches 22 lbs [we recommend not forward-facing a child younger than 2 years old], until 65 lbs or 49” – whichever comes first. 65 lbs is the standard weight limit for forward-facing 5-point harnessed car seats in Canada.

8 year-old girl riding forward facing in the Britax One4Life Booster Car Seat

Stage 3: Booster Mode

The One4Life can be used in booster mode once your child reaches 40 lbs or 44”, until they are 120 lbs or 63” . 
We recommend not moving to a booster seat until AT LEAST 4 years old – read more on Booster Seat readiness HERE.
Booster mode is often the most difficult one to achieve in all-in-one car seats because there are certain criteria that have to be met to have a safe & proper seat belt position on your child. The shoulder belt has to center the child’s collarbone and the lap belt has to sit flat over the top of the child’s thighs/low on their hips. The fact that the One4Life has a height-adjustable shoulder belt guide makes a proper fit easier to achieve for your “little big kid”.

As a parent, sometimes the little things in life become the big things. Britax has gone ahead and thought of everything to make life easier with the One4Life, starting with their patented ClickTight Installation system [learn more about that HERE]. They’ve stepped up even further and made it easier to access the system we know and love with a “pinch to access” vs. the “twist to access” like on the ClickTight convertible car seats.

Little girl sitting forward facing in a Britax One4ife Car SEAT

A car seat can’t do its job if it isn’t properly installed every single time, and the ClickTight system gives parents the confidence that their child is protected each time they get behind the wheel.

Britax Safety Features:

  • High strength steel frame lines the car seat for superior holdup in case of a collision 
  • Crumple zone slows and helps absorb crash energy into the seat and away from the child
Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

  • Patented v-shaped tether with rip stitching slows crash momentum 
  • 2 layers of side impact protection made of EPP foam line the child’s most vulnerable parts of the body – the head, neck & torso
Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

  • Anti-rebound bar reduces rotation in case of a collision when in rear-facing mode
Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

Additional Convenience Features We Love:

  • 15-position no-rethread harness means you can adjust on the fly as your child grows so that you have a proper height even after an overnight growth spurt!
    [reminder that shoulder straps come from below your child’s shoulders when rear-facing and above your child’s shoulders when forward-facing] 
  • 9-position quick-adjust recline allows this seat to fit a wide variety of children and vehicle seat slope combinations 

Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

  • “Stay Put” harness pads won’t fall down and interfere with proper chest clip positioning
Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

  • Clean Comfort fabrics offer stain-resistant & sweat-wicking Nanotex technology on the seat for a clean + cool ride for your babe 
  • Extra padding in the seat keeps your child comfortable on even the longest road trips Machine washable fabrics! Woohoo! 
  • Tag-free headrest… You may not have thought of this before, but some car seats have labels on the inside of the headrest that can be irritating to sensitive kiddos – no need to worry about that here! 
  • Dishwasher safe cupholders included on either side of the car seat for storing drinks, snack cups & favourite stuffies while on the road 
Britax One4ife Car Seat Product Review

  • The crotch buckle flips forward & stays forward, so you don’t have to dig it out from underneath a sleeping or wrestling babe when loading them in

The Numbers:

Child Fit Information: 
  • Rear-facing Harnessed Weight 5 - 50 lbs (2.3 - 22.7 kg) 
  • Forward-facing Harnessed Weight 22 - 65 lbs (10- 30 kg) 
  • Belt Positioning Booster Weight 40 - 120 lbs (18 - 54 kg) 
  • Rear-facing Harnessed Height Less than 49" (124.46 cm) 
  • Forward-facing Harnessed Height Less than 49" (124.46 cm) 
  • Belt Positioning Booster Height 44 - 63" (111.76 - 160.02 cm) 
Exterior Product Dimensions
  • Product Weight 30 lbs (13.60 kg) 
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 20.5" (L) x 19.5" (W) x 25" (H) (52.07 cm X 49.53 cm X 63.5 cm) 
  • Headrest Fully Extended Height 33.5" (85.09 cm) 
  • Fully Reclined Depth 30” (76.2 cm) 
  • Fully Reclined and Headrest Fully Extended Depth 35.5” (90.17 cm) 
Interior Product Dimensions
  • Seating Area Depth 13.25" (33.65 cm) 
  • Seating Area Width 11" (27.94 cm) 
  • Shoulder Width 14" (35.56 cm) 
  • Harness Slot Heights: 15 positions, 9"(22.86 cm) - 19"(48.26 cm) 
  • Buckle Strap Positions: 5.5”(13.97 cm) / 6.75”(17.14 cm) / 8.75”(22.22 cm) 
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