Booties - Caribou

by Conception des coins

Booties - Caribou

by Conception des coins

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Combining dark slate grey wool with gentle splashes of colour reminded us of the caribou and its gorgeous coat that keeps it safe and warm during the cold and long migration to the Arctic tundra. These felted wool booties with hand-embroidered uppers are gender-neutral and easy to match with any outfit.

Nooks Design felted wool booties are created for comfort and style for your little one’s growing feet.

The dark grey-coloured wool body of the booties has been paired with cream wool uppers and deep chocolate brown leather toe and heel caps for a timeless look. The playful patterns on the uppers are hand-embroidered and add a stylish touch that makes them fancy enough for special events, and will still go well with any wardrobe for every day wear.

Made from 100% pure New Zealand lambswool which has been felted for strength and durability, and paired with rugged hide leather soles that provide slip resistance when worn indoors on laminate wood or tiled surfaces and are durable enough to be used outdoors in dry conditions.

The adjustable flap closure makes them easy to put on even the squirmiest feet and secures around calves of all sizes for a comfortable fit. An elastic built into the ankle cuff gently holds them in place.

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