Little Leika Lovey

by Mary Meyer Baby



Leika (pronounced “like-uh”) means “Play” in parts of Scandinavia. Mary Meyer's brings that Scandinavian aesthetic of simple sophistication and folk-art inspiration to each of this line’s four woodland animals: Fox, Raccoon, Owl, and Bunny. Each of these characters is featured as a soothing teether, a board book of adventures, a huggable lovey, a charming rattle, and its own character soft toy. Leika engages with Mary Meyer as a different culture’s take on the joy of childhood and as an invitation into a world of mischief, wonder, and imagination.

  • Stylish simplicity based on a Scandinavian aesthetic in famliar forest characters
  • Easy for baby to hold
  • Stuffed animal head, soft, huggable, understuffed body Knotted feet provide tactile stimulation


  • Size: 10"

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash, air dry

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