Viaggio Shuttle 120 Backless Booster

by Peg Perego

Viaggio Shuttle 120 Backless Booster

by Peg Perego

$169.99 – $179.99


Growing children will get a “boost” in safety with the Viaggio Shuttle from Peg Perego. An Integrated Rigid LATCH (UAS) system allows for the Shuttle to connect to the vehicle LATCH (UAS) anchors for perfect placement. If a vehicle does not have anchors, the Integrated Rigid LATCH (UAS) can be pushed back into the booster, making it simple to use in ANY vehicle.


  • Integrated rigid LATCH (UAS) allows for easy installation and stability. The rigid LATCH (UAS) can also tuck into the seat when it is not in use.
  • Prevents the booster seat from being accidentally released by another passenger.
  • Soft, anatomically-shaped, with a “Super” layer of soft urethane foam for extra comfort on long journeys.
  • Ideal for long journeys, the Viaggio Shuttle is designed to be extremely comfortable thanks to its double layer of expanded material:
    • The first layer is EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene), which helps absorb deceleration in the event of a collision.
    • The second layer is Expanded Polyurethane, which is softer and ergonomically shaped to offer maximum comfort, even during the longest journeys.
  • Energy-absorbing foam, Expanded Poly Styrene, in seat protect's your child from impact forces.
  • Shoulder clip for proper positioning
  • Fashionable microfiber upholstery [that is easy to remove and machine washable!] help give the Shuttle a look that will go well in any car interior.
  • Includes an adjustable shoulder clip that keeps shoulder belt at the correct height and position. 
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation


  • Suitable for children weighting 40 to 120 lbs, up to 63" tall
  • Weighs 6 lbs
  • Made in Italy

Care Instructions:

  • Easy to remove and machine washable fabrics

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