Activity Stroller Arch

by Tiny Love

Activity Stroller Arch

by Tiny Love

$39.99 – $49.99


The Stroller Arch’s colorful toys are perfect for stimulating your newborn’s vision. As your baby grows, the adorable themed toys are great for practicing hand-eye coordination. At first babies will randomly bat the toys causing them to sway, but they'll gradually learn to control their hands and manage to bat the toys deliberately. The toys are designed to be easily held and will stand up to the mouth exploration and gumming babies love to give. The flexibility of the Tiny Love's Stroller Arch allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered with a simple adjustment the arch to alter the toys that are within your baby’s field of vision.


  • 6 uniquely designed fun and engaging activities that inspire natural learning on the go while promoting fine motor skills and cognition
  • Adjustable clip fits most strollers
  • Baby-activated toys
  • Arch easily angles towards your baby

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